Volcano Boiler with BOP Accumulator & N2 Backup

Item #: 123

This unit is skid mounted 40 feet long and 10.5 feet wide. The boiler has been completely reconditioned including new paint, fuel nozzles, feed water pump, ignitors, safety valves, front and rear gaskets.

Electrical- 3 phase power, 208 volts, at max 30 amps.

1,800,000 BTU rating High Pressure Steam at 125 MAWP
Fuel is #2 fuel oil Max. Firing Rate 30.02 USGPH

CRN D 1924.2

The BOP accumulator is sized for a stack ( 13 5/8″ 5M) and meets the API S53 Standard. It was installed in 2011 for Nabors Drilling A# 57-60037 SER# 8854-S and has been well maintained since.

Total Weight 59,000 lbs

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