Services include the following:

Boiler reconditioning

TFM boiler reconditioning services manage the entire reconditioning process from the outside-in, including tube replacements, new casing and insulation, new refractory, level control replacements, new wiring, all new gaskets, updated control systems and design modifications as well as burner retrofits and even fresh new paint.

IB&M will help you find the most efficient, economical and effective solutions to get the most out of the life of your boiler systems. We ensure that all reconditioned boilers receive the latest technology in boiler control upgrades

Acid Cleaning

TFM has developed a number of procedures for chemical cleaning projects to ensure safe and efficient cleaning and to minimize environmental impact. Our chemical cleaning technologies remove residual oils, corrosion, hard water deposits and other items from process equipment without creating surface damage occasionally caused by traditional cleaning methods.

Boiler Hydrostatic testing

TFM can assist or complete your annual hydrostatic test on your boiler.

Water Treatment analysis

TFM’s extensive lineup of water treatment, process and wastewater treatment, reagents and related equipment serves the needs of a large and very diverse clientele. We provide treatment, lab analysis, field consulting services, metering and process equipment, and site service by the best trained technicians in the industry. We also provide service contracts, and on-site training of your staff to ensure systems are operating under optimal conditions.

Laser Alignment

Vibration Analysis

The industry experts turn to us when they can not solve their machinery problems. Experience is the difference between TFM and all the rest. Conducting vibration analysis takes tremendous skill and knowledge which only comes with, on the job, experience. Your machines are the lifeblood of your organization. Make sure you have the experts on your team with the experience and technology to accurately diagnose and solve your machinery problems. We compliment vibration analysis with other predictive maintenance technologies such as infrared thermography and ultrasound to fully expose the root of your problem.

We perform vibrational analysis in applications including machinery start up/acceptance testing, instant machinery fault diagnostics and routine periodic condition monitoring. TFM is a 24-hour service company. Emergency service is always available at your facility. Service personnel are accustomed to evaluating rotating equipment (large, small, low speed, high speed, flexible, rigid) in both land-based and marine applications. If you have a service requirement for machinery vibration analysis and special testing, contact us so we can quickly resolve your machinery problems and put you back on the path of profitability.

Pump Maintenance

Air Filter Changes

HVAC Maintenance